Provisional Timetable

Technical Meeting:    Tuesday 27th August 2024 – 19:00 – Double Tree by Hilton

Opening Ceremony:  Wednesday 28th August 2024 – 12:30 – Double Tree by Hilton (Venue)

Day Classes Start
Tuesday, 27.08.2024 Technical Meeting 19:00
Wednesday, 28.08.2024 Men SJr/Jr 53 – 59 kg equipped 10:00
Opening Ceremony 13:30
Women SJr/Jr 43 – 47 kg equipped 14:00
Men SJr/Jr 66 kg equipped 17:00
Thursday, 29.08.2024 Women SJr/Jr 52 – 57 kg equipped 09:00
Men SJr / Jr 74 kg equipped 13:00
Women SJr/Jr 63 – 69 kg equipped 16:00
Friday, 30.08.2024 Men SJr/Jr 83 kg equipped 10:00
Women SJr/Jr 76 – 84+ kg equipped 14:00
Men SJr/Jr 93 kg equipped 18:00
Saturday, 31.08.2024 Men SJr/Jr 105 kg equipped 10:00
Men SJr/Jr 120 – 120+ kg equipped 13:00
Men SJr/Jr 53 kg classic 17:00
Banquet Equipped 20:00
Sunday, 01.09.2024 Women SJr/Jr 43 – 47 kg classic 09:00
Men SJr/Jr 59 kg classic 13:00
Women SJr 52 – 57 kg classic 17:00
Monday, 02.09.2024 Men SJr/Jr 66 kg classic 09:00
Women Jr 52 – 57 kg classic 13:30
Women SJr 63 kg classic 18:30
Tuesday, 03.09.2024 Women Jr 63 kg classic 09:00
Men SJr 74 kg classic 13:00
Men Jr 74 kg classic 17:00
Wednesday, 04.09.2024 Women SJr/Jr 69 kg classic 09:00
Women SJr/Jr 76 kg classic 15:00
Thursday, 05.09.2024 Men SJr 83 kg classic 10:00
Men SJr 93 kg classic 14:30
Friday, 06.09.2024 Men Jr 83 kg classic 09:00
Men Jr 93 kg classic 15:00
Saturday, 07.09.2024 Men SJr 105 kg classic 09:00
Men Jr 105 kg classic 11:30
Women SJr 84 – 84+ kg classic 16:00
Women Jr 84 – 84+ kg classic 19:00
Sunday, 08.09.2024 Men Jr 120 kg classic 10:00
Men SJr 120 – 120+ kg classic 13:00
Men Jr 120+ kg classic 13:00
Banquet Classic 20:00

Anti-Doping Information:

For the: IPF World Classic & Equipped Sub- Juniors and Juniors Powerlifting Championship

  1. You are strictly liable for any substance found in your body (or specimen). You may be charged with anti-doping rule violation for the presence or use of a prohibited substance or method, whether its use was intentional or not.
  2. Always check your medications and supplements before consuming them to make sure they do not contain any substances or methods included on the WADA Prohibited List.
  3. Educate yourself on the risks of taking supplements and minimize your risk.ALL Sub Junior & Junior athletes must successfully complete education through the World Anti-Doping Agencies (WADA) online education platform (ADeL) in order to be able to compete. You must submit your completed certificate from ADeL with your nomination for your registration to be complete.
  4. Understand and educate yourself on your rights and responsibilities as an athlete, including but not limited to:
  • requirements for submitting whereabouts information
  • rights and responsibilities during sample collection
  • responsibility to avoid the use of prohibited substances and methods
  • consent to the use of your information
  • obligations to follow the IPF Anti-Doping Rules and all consequences deriving therefrom
  1. All athletes participating at this event are classified as an International Level Athlete.

As an International Level Athlete, if you have a medical condition for which you need to take a medication or use a therapeutic method that is prohibited under the WADA Prohibited List, apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) to the appropriate organization (IPF or NADO) prior to the start of its use and at least 30 days before competing.                                                                                                                                                                               

For athletes competing in the Sub-Junior level categories, you are not required to apply for a TUE in advance of being tested. However, if you do compete in one of these categories and you are taking a medication that contains a prohibited substance you will be required to apply for a TUE retroactively should you be selected for doping control at this event.

For all anti-doping related questions, please contact


Team nomination forms must be in the hands of the Meet Director and the IPF Championship Secretary not later than: 28th June 2024


28th June 2024  complete filled in preliminary form must be sent.                           

No final nomination will be accepted if complete filled in the preliminary was not sent).


6th August 2024 (later entries will not be accepted).

21 Days Before Technical Meeting: 6th August 2023 is the latest date for any removal of nominated lifters or cancellation of booked hotel rooms. If not any withdrawal is made 21 days prior to the Technical Meeting of a World Championship or Cup, federations are bound to pay the reserved hotel rooms, participation and doping fees for all lifters specified at the final nomination form (IPF By-Laws 14.4 and 14.5)

Correspondence: E-Mails regarding the championship must be sent to:

Meet Director and IPF Championship Secretary Gaston Parage –

Important Items to Remember

Nomination of athletes and officials to International Events shall be received by the Championship Secretary with a copy to the Meet Director within the following time limits:

  • Preliminary nomination not later than 60 days prior to an International Event.
  • Final nomination, submitted not later than 21 days prior to an International Event, must be made from those nominated in the preliminary nomination. (IPF By-Laws 14.5)

According Technical Rules [Page 4, item 7] at the final nomination you must definitely list the athletes, who will take part in the championship. At the Technical meeting you can only delete athletes from your final nomination no more change by weight class of any athlete is possible. The final nomination is valid for the competition.

Changes may occur to the timetable of events. All changes will take place at the technical meeting that will be held on Tuesday, 27th August 2024 19:00 at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. Victory Ceremonies will be held at the end of each lifting session. It will be mandatory that each athlete wear their National Team Warm-up/Track Suit for the award presentation.

Indemnity & Insurance: All participating federations and its delegated athletes and officials agree to indemnity and not hold the organizing committee accountable for and against any claims for personal injury, financial loss, death or property damage, in any form, arising out of or in any way resulting from the participation in, postponement or cancellation of the said World Championships.